Why Are There Different Types Of Substrate for Reptiles?

Different animals use different kinds of bedding/substrate. It's important to understand what type of habitat your pet reptile comes from in order to provide it with the best possible cage bedding or substrate. We pride ourselves in the low price reptile products we stock here at The Painted Reptile, and want you to have the best substrate for your reptiles!  Below are some examples of the different types of bedding we use for different types of animals. Check out our reptile supply store online here or come in person to check out all we have in store!


Coco Soft Fiber Bedding

Coco Soft Fiber Bedding is a great substrate for reptiles that can also be used with lots of different kinds of animals. We use it mostly for insects, arachnids, and frogs. Check out our selection of invertebrates and amphibians here!  You can use it to set up your pets in  comfortable reptile enclosures and decorate them using various branches or wood décor so your reptile enclosures feel like home for your pet! The good thing about Coco Soft Fiber is that it smells fresh up to 3 times longer than other reptile bedding or substrate because it is made from 100% organic coco husk! It also holds humidity real well! Click here to see our selection of insects and feeders for sale in reseda.



Exo Terra Coco Husk  

Another great substrate for reptiles that’s also made form coconut husk is Exo Terra Coco Husk Substrate. This substrate comes in loose form, where you just sprinkle the bedding in the cage, or in the brick form, where you would soak it in water to break it apart. The brick form makes a little more than comes in the loose bag, so it tends to be a better deal; however, some people don’t want to spend the time to soak the brick to break it apart. This product also holds humidity very well and can be used in conjunction with misters or spraying using spray bottles.  At The Painted Reptile, we like using this substrate for reptiles such as Leopard geckos, Crested geckos and Bibron geckos.  Check out our selection of geckos here! We also ship live reptiles fast and easy!



Exo Terra Bio Drain Crushed Lava Draining Substrate

This is a really cool product! Exo Terra Bio Drain Crushed Lava Draining Substrate is made from natural, non-organic material that allows excellent drainage of the terrarium or other reptile enclosures. It doesn’t rot or decompose like other natural substrates and acts as a natural filtration system in your terrarium! You can also get the Draining Mesh to keep the bio drain substrate separated from the decorative terrarium top-layer substrate, and prevent the different substrates from mixing and contaminating the water. This substrate is excellent when using various types of waterfall systems in the cage! This substrate works great for animals that require lots of water, like frogs! Check out our current selection of amphibians here! We also ship live reptiles!


Exo Terra Forest Moss

The Exo Terra Forest Moss substrate is excellent for frogs, salamanders and burrowing or digging animals. It’s great for keeping humidity in reptile enclosures. Just spray the moss regularly using misters or spray bottles.  It comes in a compact brick so it’s easy to store until you’re ready to use it! Make sure it’s not too cold for your animal, especially since it’s almost winter time! Click here to see our cage heating options to keep your cage warm and humid!


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