This post is going to be a small featurette on some of our higher end automated temperature units. We carry several lines and variations of automated temperature controllers for reptiles and amphibians.

On the bottom end of what I consider our high end units is the Vivarium Electronics 100-200-300 series. These units allow you to control heating units accurately using a probe to monitor heat output as well as setting night and day cycles. Using one of these you can accurately control you animals cage and basking temperature.

In the middle range is the Helix DBS-1000 Proportional Thermostat. This unit is very efficient at getting an average temperature reading of the whole enclosure due to its 4-foot long probe. If you are using metal shelving for your enclosures, it is suggested to get the grounded version to make sure that static buildup does not harm the circuitry.


For the Top of the line, we have the Vivarium Electronics VE-300x2 Dual Zone Thermostat. This unit has all of the bells and whistles you will need or want. More features than the base line series, but also with the capability to handle two serperate setups/enclosures. This is the best unit we sell, and it will make temperature management much easier especially for large setups.


So if you need help keeping temperatures under control for breeding or keeping, come to the Painted Reptile and see our selection today!