Black Friday is almost here and we have some great offers in-store!!


All reptile cages, reptile supplies, feeders and animals, ALL 25% OFF!!

We are one of the TOP reptile stores in LA. Don't miss this great sale, going on for ONE DAY ONLY!


We may be small, but we carry it all! And we have lowest prices GUARANTEED! We can be hard to find!  When you arrive at our address 18730 Oxnard St., Tarzana, Ca, 91356, you will be looking for UNIT 215.


The warehouse building is light brown and all the businesses are completely uniform in design, making it fairly difficult to find us.  The building is shaped like a giant "U" and our unit is located IN THE BACK OF THE BUILDING (AT THE TOP OF THE "U").


Please look for the shelving out front with reptile supplies.  You may also call our shop at (818) 654-9441 if you are having trouble and we will direct you

Black friday is usually crazy and people are out in mass numbers looking for great deals, but with all the stores doing Black Friday deals, it's impossible to find a reptile store that has any Black Friday Deals at all. This year, we wanted to go all out and make everything 25% off, no questions asked. need a new pet? We stock one of the largest reptile, amphibian and invert collection in LA County! We have tons of awesome brand-name supplies, from ZooMed, to ExoTerra to our very own Painted Reptile product line! At The Painted Reptile, we have designed and manufactured our very own line of under-cage heat pads for your reptiles (including our heavy duty Croc Carpets and Creature Carpets), specialty caging options (custom Creature Condos in many different sizes), reptile cage thermometer/hygrometers (we are the only ones who make them in Fahrenheit!!), and even sleek hide spots for your reptile cage!


We are excited for our first annual Black Friday Reptile Store day!

Open 10AM-10PM Get there early so you can snag the best deals on all animals and supplies!