Reptiles are the creatures that have most of its behavior common with mammals. But building outdoor caging for them involves a huge responsibility and an arrangement failing to that may lead to the situation of losing those species. Housing arrangements for a reptile includes appropriate enclosure. There should be provisions for sources of light, heat and water. Most of the times you can observe that many reptiles feel nervous as well as insecure in captivity. You can reduce these situations by making provisions for furniture and space for hiding while making the cage. The species which lives on trees should get the vertical or horizontal tree branches or any other climbing material. Those who live on ground, for them, you should make horizontal space.



If you are thinking to make outdoor reptile cage then the first and foremost thing that should come in your mind is the housing. Heat, light and water are the basic needs for a reptile. You should make arrangements for a perfect housing keeping in mind the points like space managing, areas of comfort for reptiles, etc. Most of the times habitats don’t feel comfortable residing inside the cages and to avoid such conditions you should build housing with care and effort otherwise it may create trouble for them to live. Also you may get the help of professional reptile breeder supplies store where you can get the best products for them.



Temperature is considered as the most important factor on which the life of the reptiles depends. Reptiles maintain the body temperature by roaming here and there. There should be a flexibility to provide a temperature range in the outdoor reptile cages which brings them a healthy environment. The variation of temperature helps in the process of digestion. It keeps their immune system well in condition. Holding the right temperature carries the paramount importance for their longevity and keeping them safe to any alien condition. Working on reptile’s immunity is of pivotal significance.


Water and humidity requirements

The reptiles that live naturally in water get their feeding, reproduction as well as social interaction in water completely. So there should be similar arrangements for these reptiles while deciding to build an outdoor reptile cage. Low humidity will result in making the skin dry and abnormal shedding. At the same time you should know that increase in humidity effects. It may cause skin infections.


Diet requirements

The outdoor reptile cage you choose must have arrangements of feeding them. The requirement of proteins, fats, vitamins of a reptile is similar to that of the mammals. The reptile feed less as they have lower metabolism compared to that of mammals. You should be aware of the protein requirement for a reptile. It should be 18 to 20% for carnivores and 11 to 12% for herbivores.

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