reptile cageKeeping your pet in a safe, comfortable natural environment is crucial since it will be able to explore its natural behavior. As a pet owner, you will have to choose wisely the properties of the cage before you engage the dealer. Whether it will be stationary or portable, it should be spacious enough for the given pet. It should also blend in with the surrounding especially if it will be displayed in residential places. The material used to make the walls should be chosen wisely so that it does not in any way harm the animal while providing a conducive environment with enough light and warmth. It should be a replica of the natural environment in which the given reptile inhabits. The dealer should study the pet’s behavior and come up with a design that will be fit for the pet. Reptiles depict different characters, have various preferences and spend the day and night at different areas in their ecosystem. These observable characteristics should be put into considerations while designing the cage.


Managing your pets’ cage is another crucial feature that you will consider. Since reptiles are clod-blooded animals, heating becomes mandatory for the animals’ survival. The cage should provide the appropriate heat while taking care of the safety of the cage. If electrical heating devices are used, care should be taken not to electrocute the animal should it expose wires while digging. Since some pets are dangerous if left to wonder around, the cage should be secure enough to make sure that the pet is convened inside at any given time. It should also be easy to open while feeding the pet without any chances of escaping. Ease of cleaning the cage is also another fact that should be considered while selecting cage.

Since as highlighted above there are several factors that should be taken into account while choosing the cage of your pet, it may become tedious going from site to site in order to choose the ideal home for your favorite animal. At Painted Reptile we provide you with the latest and high quality cages at very competitive prices. Our cages are highly suited and specific to the pet that we have highlighted. Should also want your part to reproduce, our cages provide provision for that with good brooding areas that is just like the natural environment for the particular pet. We also deal with personalized cages should our client ask for that. Not only do we sell the cage but also provide foods, feeders and equip our client with invaluable information that will help them understand how to deal better with their pets.