Looking for great prices on feeders? We've got what you need!


No matte how big you snake is, we've got food to match. Whether you need pinky mice for your baby Hognose, or if you need rabbits for your ten foot long Reticulated Python, we have a feeder for you!


Need some mealworms for your baby Bearded Dragon? How about crickets for your tarantula? Maybe some superworms for your Tegu? We've got them all! 


Need something more exotic for your animals? Maybe some feeder lizards for your Vine Snake? We can special order anything that you need!


Also unlike most pet supply stores that sell feeders pre-packaged, we hand count your feeders so that they're all alive when you bring them home.


So why not come down and visit us the next time you need to stock up on feeders for your reptiles!


Also on a side note, we do carry food pellets for Tortoises and Turtles, as well as powdered Crested Gecko food.


All of this and more here at the Painted Reptile