Do you have a reptile that you can no longer keep? Can't give it the best care? Moving and can't take it with you? Well let us help you! Instead of releasing you animal into the wilds of Los Angeles County, feel free to relinquish them to Painted Reptile and we'll give them a great place to live. 

Releasing animals into the wild that are not from the region can cause devastating problems to the environment. If you animal has a disease not form the area, it can cause many different organisms in the area to become sick and possibly cause an epidemic. The other possibility is that your pet finds another member of it's species... Except that this one is of the opposite gender. Now a local population has been established and the ecological balance of the area is thrown askew.

Colonies of invasive species are a very serious problem around the world, and trust me when I say that you don't want to become part of the problem. Take a look at Florida and how their local ecosystem has been devastated.

So instead of releasing your animal into the wild for an uncertain fate, surrender your reptile to Painted Reptile at our location in Reseda and we'll find it the best home possible.