Hide you fool! They're coming! Quickly into the shelter, and lock the hatch. What's that noise? Oh lord they're lifting the shelter! What powerful beasts are these creatures? All of my preconceptions about the world have been shattered!


That's probably what goes through your animals head every time you open your animals enclosure and move their hide. Do you really want to destroy your pets philosophical beliefs about the world every time you want to see them? Well that's pretty close to what happens if you bother them all of the time while they are resting in their hide. It's not suggested, especially if you are trying to socialize to disturb them in their hides when resting. Eventually if you pet get used to you being outside their cage enough, they'll slowly become less fearful when they see you, leading up to eventual handling. Though some species will never be able to be held or socialized with.


So before you go around striking fear into the heart of your pet whenever they see the five legged sky gods (your hands), come down to Painted Reptile and find the perfect home for your animal(s) and check out our selection of hides!