If you are located in the Chatsworth, Topanga or Woodland Hills area and are looking for incubators or breeding supplies then look no farther. Whether or not you are breeding Ball Pythons or Leopard Geckos, we stock all the latest Hovabator models, Zoo Med Reptibator, and the Exo Terrra Reptile incubator

We also carry multiple sizes of deli cups which hold your incubation medium like Hatch Rite and vermiculite and we stock multiple styles of "egg organizer", which seperate the eggs for maxiumum hatch rates. 

We have tons of items in stock, we ship right to your door and we allow walk-ins to our location in Reseda, CA. If you are interested in coming by then head down to 18730 oxnard st., UNIT 215, Tarzana, CA, 91356. You can also check out our website at http://www.paintedreptile.com