Located in the San Fernando Valley, the Painted Reptile remains one of the leading reptile stores with hundreds of items to choose from.  The Painted Reptile is located in a industrial complex in Tarzana, Ca and offers and sells hundreds of items that larger retailers don't stock in their store.  We carry every thing from the latest sepcality breeding equipment to the biggest brands in the business like Zoo Med and Exo Terra.   

The Painted Reptile also has an incredible feeder list for you to feed your reptiles, ambhibians and inverts. Including rats, mice, worms and crickets.  We also grow multiple species of roaches for feeding and collecting. Including Hissing Roaches and Orange Spotted Roaches. 

But, it doesn't stop there.  The Painted Reptile has one of the largest show rooms in the Los Angeles area with over 200 reptiles on display at one time.  We carry everything from the latest Ball Python morphs, leopard geckos, corn snakes, kings snakes, russian torts and hundreds of other options.  Our crew will get you setup with an animal that will be perfect for the life style you maintain.  

Stop by the Painted Reptile and pamper your reptile!  We love to meet everyone's pet, so if you have a friendly reptile bring it on by!