The reptile world is an industry that is growing very rapidly and with so much data being collected the chances for sucess are much higher then they were before.  Zoos, breeders and hobbyist are able to keep and care for animals that they thought they never could.   With so many reptile, amphibian and invert keepers having this added sucess, there is a high need for cheap yet quality reptile supplies

Well, the Painted Reptile has just that.  We stocks hundreds of different supplies including feeders, food for feeders and housing for feeders.  We have lighting, heating and all the temperature control devices you need for heat pads and heat lights. We have tons of husbandry things to choose from like tweezers, tongs, hooks and even pinners.  We stock live plants, fake plants, branching, wood hides and wood backgrounds.  

We also have an insnane amount of animals including beardies, leopard geckos, king snakes, milk snakes, russian tortoises and more.  If you aren't looking for reptiles then you can check out all the amphibians like pac man, bull frogs, tree frogs and all the other exciting amphibians we have.  We even have tons of different inverts including scorpions, tarantulas, vinegaroons, blue feinging death beetles and dozens of other amazing things. 

Check out our website  or come on down to our warehouse location at 18730 oxnard st., Tarazna, Ca, 91356  UNIT 215. if you are having trouble finding us please call (818) 654-9441