In the world of captive bred reptiles, amphibians and inverts, husbandry is a major factor in the overall success of any project.  The proper  husbandry tools are used to accurately sex animals, handle and transport animals with minimal stress and more.  Husbandry tools are also used to assist in harder procedures like removing stuck eye caps or normal maitenace like trimming nails.

The Painted Reptile stocks dozens of different items in which you can use to take your husbandry procedures to the next level.  We have tongs and grabbers in multiple sizes and we also carry hooks in multiple versions and styles, like our telescopic models and our pocket snake hook.   We also have tweezers, hemostats, pinkie pumps and multiple sizes of scales

If you want you can order directly from our website or if you are in the Van Nuys, Lake Balboa, or Encino area then come down to our store at 18730 Oxnard st., Tarzana, Ca, 91356 UNIT 215.  You can also call us at (818) 654-9441...  Please be sure to check out our full website at