Looking for quality lighting supplies for your reptile in the Reseda area? Here at Painted Reptile we've got all of the bulbs and lighting supplies you need! No matter the species or temperature we can help you get the perfect lighting and heating conditions for your animals.

For heat, we have heat pads as well as heating lights. Our heat pads can be easily adhered to the surface of an enclosure and provide adequate heat on one side of the cage to create a wam and cool area. We have many different types and brands of infrared heat bulbs in a variety of wattages, as well as ceramic heat bulbs!

For daytime lighting we have UV bulbs to produce UVB to make sure your reptile gets the correct wavelengths of light.

For UVA production, we have Zoo Med Reptisun bulbs that will produce the necessary amounts of UVA for your reptile.

If you want heat, UVB, and UVA all in one package for your reptiles basking light, check out our Zoo Med Powersun Bulbs! These bulbs produce everything your animal could need during the day and will help keep them happy and healthy.


For nocturnal animals we have Zoo Med Moonlite bulbs. These bulbs provide just enough light that you can observe your nocturnal animal, but not disturb them.

So if you're looking for reptile heating supplies in Reseda, come visit us here at the Painted Reptile!