Generally, the idea of keeping reptiles in captivity may be practiced as a hobby or for commercial operation. This process is referred as herpeto culture.  As the reptiles are cold blooded animals they need to be enclosed in a climate controlled area. Many reptile species have their breeding cycle. People practice this to enable successful mating of species. Many have made this as their commercial hobby. It includes a lot of responsibilities as well as the care. There should be an enclosure, habitats or substrates, temperature marking devices, etc.



Among reptile breeder supplies feeding is the most important one. They can be either omnivores or carnivores. These are generally, are fed species those which are dependent on plants or meat based eatables. They are fed with additional supplementation in which most common is the calcium. Feeding is a practice that makes the process favorable for breeding. You should know the pros and cons of each step so that you would be easily able to provide needful conditions to the reptiles. As said, due to the paramount importance of breeding that is associated with feeding, the additional supplementation should be given in adequate quantity. Also care has to be taken that you choose the reliable most reptile specialty store for getting these products.


Breeding enclosure

Creating enclosures should come second in the priority list of breeder reptile supplies after feeding. Breeding enclosure should be slightly different. You can add egg crates to make places for hiding as they become nervous most of the time in captivity. The reptiles have a seasonal breeding mechanism depending on which they live. They have seasonal breeding cycle. For example, you can consider the long neck turtle of Australia, which commonly bromates in winter before mating in the season of spring. These are the specific features of the reptiles you must note. Reptile breeding is an important practice of many uses and functions.


Favorable conditions

You should always keep in mind the favorable conditions before making the process of breeding. Otherwise it may affect the reptiles as they are the delicate. It is necessary to bring in attention the necessary conditions as this may lead to a successful breeding. You can make different reptiles adaptive to variable situation by making them habituated of those conditions while managing breeder reptile supplies, considering them as one in the list of requirements.



Many reptiles are the oviparous and lay eggs if they are successfully mated. Reptile breeder supplies should consists of proper incubating phenomenon. Breeders are those that may use incubators to enhance the chances of a successful hatching. The incubators designed for reptiles generally consist of a thermostat as well as a hygrometer. The eggs of the reptiles need not to be turned unlike avian eggs. They generally lay eggs in mounds or in the underground.

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