Reptiles are becoming an increasinly popular pet and with the increase in die hard customers, the data base and knowledge obtained contines to sky rocekt.  With that being said, our current understanding of what your reptile needs, supplements wise, is pretty detailed.  Yet, even with the increase in awareness over supplements, we notice that many Painted Reptile customers won't buy it or do not understand what or why they need it.  At Painted Reptile we are pretty hell bent on reminding people to buy calcium for their reptiles and we teach the customer about all the differnet supplements we stock and we feel that supplements DO play a huge role in the health of your reptile.

What is a supplement?

Supplements in the reptile community is usually refering to something that you add to the food source or water source for the reptile.  Supplements for reptiles often come in liquid form, powder form or even a gel/dressing form.  All the different supplemetns serve a different purpose and tend to add an increase in vitamin and minerals to the reptiles diet.  There are many ways of applying the supplements like sprinkling it on the live food, mixing it in the drinking water and even dripping it all over a plate of greens. Keep in mind many of the supplements do not work well with certain animals so be sure to ask you Painted Reptile rep. to make sure that you got the right product for you reptile.

Calcium Powder is by far the most common supplement sold for reptiles and is often mixed with D3, creating what we would call in the store, Calcium powder w/D3.  We also sell speaicalty supplements from Repashy and Nature Zone and the newer Multi Vitamin from Zoo Med.

When is comes to spuulements we have it all at the Painted Reptile.  So, if you are in the Los Angeles area then come on down to 18730 Oxnard st., UNIT 215, Tarzana, Ca, 91356 and ask us what reptile supplement is best for your pet.