Owning reptiles and keeping them in your home is something that you have always wanted to do and now that you have the space to do so, you are anxious to bring some new pets into your home. The problem you may run into is finding everything that you need to house your reptiles and keep them healthy and safe. Many reptiles need very specialized atmospheres, must maintain special diets and have particular needs for care that other pets do not have. All of this may mean finding a quality source for everything you need for your pet, which can be something of a challenge. Finding reptile specialty stores might seem tough at first, but once you find a good source like us at the Painted Reptile, you will always know where you can go.

You Need a Particular Pet Store

Most of the things that you will need for your reptiles are items that you are not likely to find at your local pet store. Small local shops often carry very little outside of what people may need for pets like dogs, cats, birds or fish. Even the large pet store chains do not carry much that is needed for reptile care, leaving you short on supplies for everything that you may need. What you need to find is a store that specializes only in reptiles so that you can get the products you need.

The Place to Turn to

At the Painted Reptile, we are one of the reptile specialty stores that you are seeking. Our pet store only offers supplies and items related to reptiles and reptile care. We carry hundreds of items in our inventory so you can get everything you need to help your pet. You can find tanks and cages of all sizes, food and supplements, breeding supplies, heating and lighting items and much more. We also offer a line of reptiles for sale so that you can find the special pet you want to add to your life.

Shop Online for Convenience

To make things even more convenient for you, here at Painted Reptile you can shop online with us to get your items sent directly to you without a fuss. You can visit our website at www.paintedreptile.com and look over our inventory and place an order. Once you shop with us, you will see that using reptile specialty stores like ours is the best solution for you and your pets.