Reptiles in Tarzana!


     If you're looking for reptiles or reptile supplies in Tarzana, we've got you covered! Come into the Painted Reptile today and check out our huge inventory today!


     We've got all of the top Name Brands that you know and love from Zoo Med, Repashy, Exo Terra, Flukers, and more! Whether you need bedding for your Tegu, or your bearded dragon, we have sand, coconut husk, cypress bark, sphagnum moss, mulch, as well as sand substitutes such as ground walnut shells.


     If you need to better misting and humidifying equipment we've also got you covered. We have spray bottles, pressurized misters, and even automated foggers.


     If you're just getting started in herpetology, let us help you find the perfect reptile for you! We've got a huge selection of snakes, lizards, amphibians, and even invertebrates. Everything from Argus Monitors to Womas, we can get you what you want. Depending on your experience level, and how aggressive you want your animals we will try our best to find you your match.


     So come down to the Painted Reptile today and satisfy your reptile cravings!