If you have a love of reptiles and like to own some of these exotic animals you already know how challenging it can be sometimes to find just the types of reptiles that you want. Most local pet stores and big box pet discount centers do not offer much of a choice when it comes to reptiles. You may not see anything that you want when you visit these places, leaving you feeling disappointed each time you go there. You have seen places advertising on the Internet that they have reptiles for sale, but you have long been wary about ordering reptiles this way without seeing them in person. It makes you wonder – can you ship live reptiles safely?

The Answer You Want

The real answer to your question is that yes, live reptiles can be shipped safely, but it does take some special care on the part of the seller. You need to know that the reptiles you are ordering are being taken care of in the proper way while they are at the store you are ordering from so you can be sure they are going to arrive to you in a healthy manner. You also only want to buy the reptiles from a place that is going to ship reptiles to you overnight so that you will get it the next day. Anything longer than that is something that you may not want to trust because it is too long for the reptile to be out of its preferred element.

Check Your Source Closely

If you are considering buying a live reptile online, know as much about the place you are buying from as possible. Look around and see how long they have been in this type of business and what their reputation and experience is like. If you have any concerns, call the place directly and talk to them on the phone so you can get answers to any questions you may have. You also want to be completely aware of the store’s shipping policies and guarantees where live animals are concerned.

Once you find a quality source for you to ship live reptiles you will know that you always have a place to turn to when you are looking to add to the pets you already have. You can get just the types of reptiles you want the most and have them safely in your home the next day so you can start enjoying your interactions with them.