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The San Fernando Reptile Store That Has it All

Monday, January 16, 2017 3:20:37 AM America/Los_Angeles

Owning reptiles for pets brings you a great amount of joy. You get to be with them and watch them in your home, interact with them and enjoy how they live their lives. Whether you are just starting out with your first reptile pet or have had them for pets for many years, you may realize that getting all of the proper supplies for your pet can sometimes be something of a challenge for you. It is not always easy to find a place that has everything that you may need for your very special and unique pet. Luckily, we can be just the source you are looking for. At the Painted Reptile, we are the San Fernando Valley reptile store that you want for all of your reptile supplies.



The Specialty Store That is Needed


We understand that having an exotic pet means that their special needs have to be catered to in order to keep them happy and healthy. That is why we created our store in the Los Angeles area. All too often we hear from customers that they are never able to find the supplements, food, cages and supplies that their pet requires at a local pet store or one of those big box pet store franchises. We have made it our mission to have all of the supplies you may need for your snake, lizard, tortoise, turtle or frog so that can make sure they have just what they need.


An Online Shop for Easy Access


For those that may not live in the Los Angeles area and cannot access our San Fernando Valley reptile store directly, our website offers you the ease and convenience of ordering anything that you may need from our shop and having it shipped directly to you. You will find thousands of items listed on our website so you can log on, buy what you have been searching for and have it sent to your door quickly, easily and securely at any time of day or night.



See All We Have


At the Painted Reptile, we are proud to be the San Fernando Valley reptile store more people to turn to for their reptile supplies. Take the time to visit our website at, so you can see just what we have available in our shop and order what you need. You can also feel free to call us at 818-697-5870 if you have any questions or need help in deciding on what to get for your pets.

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High-End Reptile Cages to Make Your Pet More Comfortable

Monday, January 9, 2017 2:58:24 AM America/Los_Angeles

If you want your pet to thrive, no matter what type of pet it may be, you want to make sure they have the best living environment possible. You always work to make sure the dog, cat or bird that you own has the right bedding, food, toys and more so that they are comfortable in their surroundings, s it only makes sense that you would want to do the same if you owned a reptile as a pet. Here at the Painted Reptile, we recognize that you may want the best for your pet, which why we offer unique, high-end reptile cages for sale that can be ideal to make your pet more comfortable.



Go Beyond the Standard Tanks

Many reptile owners make use of old fish tanks or other tanks that can be suitable for the tortoise, lizard, turtle or snake that they own. While these tanks can be perfectly suitable, they may not provide the optimal environment for your pet that they need to thrive. Reptiles are in need of certain temperatures and living conditions, depending on the species of reptile, to maintain their health and thrive. It can sometimes be difficult to set up a tank to recreate these conditions and your reptile may seem to be a bit sluggish or not as happy as they might be in another environment. The right cage can change everything for them.


A Diverse Selection of Cages

We offer a variety of different high-end reptile cages that can be perfect for your pet and your home. We have created specialty cages known as creature condos that are the best living areas for your pets. Each cage is made of high-quality materials like high-density PVC to provide the safest living environment for your pet. The cages can be customized in a number of ways and allow for the best airflow, temperature monitoring, food access and viewing that your pet can have. We offer the cages in several sizes and styles to fit your particular pet’s needs.


High-End Reptile Cages to Make Your Pet More Comfortable


Learn More about Our Cages

If you would like to learn more about the high-end reptile cages that we offer, take the time to visit our website at so you can see a complete listing. You can also call us directly at the Painted Reptile at 818-697-5870 if you have any questions about a particular cage or its accessories. Select the perfect cage for your pet, and we can ship it right to you so that your pet can have the comfortable home that will make it happiest.

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The Important Factors to Look for in Snake Cages

Tuesday, November 29, 2016 3:48:21 AM America/Los_Angeles

When you are giving consideration to what type of pet you want to have, you may think back and remember that you have always wanted to have a snake as a pet. Snakes make very unique pets and can provide you with a great deal of entertainment as you watch them and interact with them. Of course, if you are going to have a snake as a pet, you want to make sure that you have all of the supplies that you need so that they are able to live a happy, healthy and comfortable life. All of this starts with the type of cage that you select. There are a few things you are going to want to look for in snake cages so you can be sure you get just the right housing for your pet.


The Important Factors to Look for in Snake Cages


Choosing the Right Size


A lot about the cage that you select is going to have to do with the type of snake that you have. You want to make sure that whatever cage you use is going to be the proper size for your snake. If you have a very large snake or one that will grow to be very large, you want to make sure that the cage has enough room for your snake to grow and move around comfortably. Smaller snakes may only require a smaller cage or box while large snakes may need tanks or aquariums that can accommodate them easily.


Lighting, Heating and Decorations


After you have decided on the proper size for the snake cages you are considering, you also want to make sure that you get a cage that allows you to have lighting and heating elements that are proper for your snake. Snakes need a certain temperature all of the time so you want to make sure that you are able to get lighting and heat that will make for a comfortable living space for your snake. You also may want to get certain decorations for the cage so that the snake can make use of them. If you have a snake that likes to climb, having climbing pegs or artificial tree limbs that they can climb on will keep them happy.


The Important Factors to Look for in Snake Cages


Finding the Best Cages


If you are in the market for snake cages, go to so that you can take a look at the selection they have available today. Painted Reptile is a unique pet shop that specializes only in reptiles and reptile accessories so that you are able to get everything you need so your pet can lead a happy and healthy life.

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Why Choose Reptiles for Pets?

Tuesday, November 22, 2016 2:52:11 AM America/Los_Angeles

When it comes to choosing just the right pet for your home, you have plenty of options available to you. You could certainly go the traditional route and get a dog or cat to keep you company. You may even consider getting something like a bird for your home. While any of these options can be good choices for you, you may want to have something a little different. Have you ever considered getting a reptile? Reptiles can be a wonderful addition here home and are much different than having any other type of pet. There are a number of benefits to having reptiles for pets that you may not see with other animals, making this unique choice a good one for you.


Why Choose Reptiles for Pets


Easy Every Day Care


If you have a dog as a pet, there are all kinds of responsibilities that come along with it that can be challenging for you. Owning a dog takes a great deal of training in order to get them to behave and act well in and around your home. You will also need to take the dog out several times a day for walks and to relieve themselves and you are going to need to feed it several times a day. Reptiles are much easier for you to care for on a regular basis. Reptile is quiet and relatively odor free. While your reptile needs to be on some type of feeding schedule, most do not need to eat every day and their cages or tanks do not need to be cleaned nearly as often as you have to clean up after a dog or cat.


Ideal for Smaller Spaces


Having an animal like a dog may not be very practical for people that live in an apartment, college dorm or small space. However, having reptiles for pets in small spaces can be ideal. Depending on the particular type of reptile you choose, they may not need to have a very large cage or tank. All you need to do is have the proper enclosure with the right heating element and lighting and you will have everything you need.


Why Choose Reptiles for Pets


All the Supplies You Need


Once you have decided to have reptiles for pets, you want to make sure that you have a good source for all of the supplies that you are going to need to properly house and care for them. Take the time to visit so that you can find all of the reptile supplies that you will need to make sure you have a comfortable home for your pet.

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The Health and Safety of Your Reptiles in Summer

Friday, August 19, 2016 11:27:57 PM America/Los_Angeles

Summer is proven to be difficult for reptile breeders. The health and safety of reptiles should be a top priority. For that reason, it is ideal to choose the best reptile breeding racks with some special devices to keep tabs on the conditions in a tank.

At Painted Reptile, we recommend having thermometers and humidity gauges. They allow you to get accurate readings to reach the most recommended thermal gradient. Now, if the racks need adjustments in their temperature, it is good to stock up on watt lamps.


The Health and Safety of Your Reptiles in Summer


It is also ideal to have humidifying devices as the summer months roll on.

One of the worst things that you can do to your reptiles is to place the reptile breeding racks in direct sunlight. Amplifying the temperature is proven to be lethal to your reptiles. Most reptiles can manage certain degrees of cold. However, extreme heat can kill some reptiles in minutes.

If you are buying reptiles in summer, it is best to transport them directly to your home. During transport, ensure that you keep them in the shade, and the air conditioning system should be on all the time.

Temperature range that reptiles need

It depends on the kind of reptile you keep. Tropical species requires temperatures between 80F and 100F. Temperate species need temperatures between 70F and 90F.

Cleanliness is vital for your reptiles’ health and safety in summer. When you are handling a reptile of any kind, make sure to wash your hands after. Then, wear latex gloves, especially when you handle critters as their skin secretes toxins.

You must provide clean food and water each day to remove residue and safeguard your pets against harmful bacteria.

Don’t allow young children to handle the animals. If they want to, they must be monitored so they won’t put them in their mouth.

If you are just purchasing reptiles, you need to ask the retailer of what animals can live together in one cage. Bear in mind that different species need different heat, light, space and food. Avoid putting incompatible reptiles together as it can only cause tragedy.


The Health and Safety of Your Reptiles in Summer


Ensure that the lines of communication between you and your retailer are open. Make sure that you only deal with educated retailers. In this way, you can avoid becoming an impulsive buyer the may affect how you care for the reptiles.

Before you buy reptiles as your pet, you should educate yourself about the health and safety of these animals. If you are breeding, ensure that you know the right breeding racks you need.

 If you need help in finding the most appropriate reptile breeding racks, call us today: 818-654-9441

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You Can Get Low Price Reptile Products

Monday, July 11, 2016 4:15:50 AM America/Los_Angeles

While there are some households that are perfectly happy to have a dog or a cat as a pet, others may want something a little more exotic in their home. If you are one of these people they you may have something like a reptile to call your own. Once you have a reptile and the proper cage for it, you are also going to need to make sure that you can regularly get all of the supplies that you need to keep it happy, healthy and safe. Finding everything that you need may not be as easy as you think and it can often be quite expensive when you do track it down. It is good to know that you can get low price reptile products if you know just where to look.


Get Low Price Reptile Products

Local Stores May Not be the Answer

Many local areas either have a small local pet shop nearby or one of the large chain pet stores that are so well known today. In either situation you may find that the pet stores nearest to you cater mostly to dog and cat owners, with the supplies and products mainly geared towards them. They may have a small selection of reptile items that you could use, but very often these supplies are limited and can be quite costly to you. While you may not feel like you have any other options to get what you need, the Internet can provide you with a great source for products you are seeking.

A Specialized Reptile Store Online

You want to find a specialty reptile store online that can offer you everything you may need. Look for a store that sells only reptile supplies and you will find that they have even the hard-to-find items that you may not have been able to get anywhere else. Best of all, you can find low price reptile products that actually fit right into your budget. You can order everything you need quickly and easily right online and have it shipped to your doorstep in a matter of days.

Get Low Price Reptile Products


If you want a good source for low price reptile products you want to be sure you go to Painted Reptile has all of the reptile supplies, cages, vitamins, medicine, incubators and much more available to you for order at prices you can afford so you can get everything you need for your reptiles.

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Get Your Reptile Supplies Online

Sunday, August 16, 2015 2:13:17 PM America/Los_Angeles

Reptile SuppliesIf you own any type of reptile of your own then you likely already know just how difficult it can be for you to get a hold of all of the supplies you need. Pet stores are becoming fewer and fewer, with only the large, big box chain stores taking over in some areas and forcing the smaller, specialty pet stores out of the market. The problem is that these large stores tend to place more of a focus on dogs and cats and have limited resources set aside for reptiles and reptile supplies, making it hard for you to find a place nearby to get what you need. That is why if you are a reptile owner you should strongly consider an online reptile supply store as your best option.

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Buy Reptile Supplies Online | The Painted Reptile

Wednesday, May 27, 2015 5:11:48 PM America/Los_Angeles

A lot of super creative reptile lovers have a hard time resisting the urge to consistently change and add to their reptile’s habitat in an attempt to beautify it. We’ve seen some of the most beautiful reptile habitats that are absolutely stunning. However, whether this is going to be your very first terrarium, or your 21st terrarium, there a couple of things that even the most experienced reptile parent will want to be sure to know in order to make sure that their décor doesn’t negatively impact their reptiles health. At The Painted Reptile, we have the most unbelievably large collection of Reptile Supplies Online that can be bought, from the comfort of your home! We’ve gone above and beyond to make sure that all of the reptile supplies that you can buy online are safe and will only supply your reptile with additional activities! Let’s take a little bit of time to go over some of the supplies that we offer right here at The Painted Reptile that make great additions to your reptiles habitat.


The Painted Reptile’s Supplies Online


One of the most common items that people think will be safe to add to their reptiles habitat is branches. Though we’re sure that there are a number of different types of tree branches that are perfectly safe to add to your reptile’s cage, it’s vital that you do a little research first. For example, though pine and cedar branches may make your reptile’s cage smell amazing, they also contain oils that could seriously irritate your reptile’s skin. At The Painted Reptile, we’ve posted a number of safe and engaging wood based options that you can buy online as well.

On that note, it’s also extremely important to make sure that if you’ve gathered anything from the great outdoors, that it be thoroughly cleaned before it is introduced to your reptile’s cage. Take the time to soak anything that you’ve found outdoors in a light bleach/water solution for a full day. Afterwards, soak it in clean water for an additional day to make sure that all of the bleach remnants have been removed. This way you can be sure that you haven’t introduced any potentially harmful bacteria into your reptile’s living room.


Reptile Habitat Supplies Online with The Painted Reptile


Lastly, if you haven’t taken the time to change the filter in your pet’s terrarium recently, you’re little buddy may be at risk of falling prey to harmful bacteria and other toxins that naturally build up in water over time. Keep a small reminder note near your cage that can help you not to forget to check the filter’s label so that you can make a note of when the filter is to be changed next. We have a number of Reptile Supplies Online that can help you to make sure that your reptile is as healthy and as happy as possible.


Contact Us


If you have questions regarding the available online reptile supply inventory, or would simply like to acquire more information regarding your new pet from one of our experienced reptile specialists, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We love making sure that you have all of the supplies that you need to keep your reptile happy for a lifetime. Contact us (The Painted Reptile) at 818.654.9441.

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Making Arrangements of Reptile Supplies Including Cage and Habitats

Friday, February 20, 2015 12:17:22 PM America/Los_Angeles

The two basic things that you should keep in mind while building reptile cage are their health and happiness.  These two involve huge responsibilities that you will have to arrange sincerely. You should be particular about things, like what kind of reptiles you want to make as you’re pet, as there is a large category of reptiles. All the categories are of different kind so their specifications are also variable.

Necessities for reptiles

Reptile supplies include outdoor reptile cages, feeders, substrates, habitats and more. You should know the physical features and requirements of a reptile before making it as your pet. You should have an idea of making cage or aquarium. Along with these there should be a heating device and sort of flooring in the cage. First you make the choice of a specific reptile and then think accordingly as different reptiles’ supplies you with different needs. There should be an arrangement for the devices measuring the temperature of the environment.

Habitat and cage structure

For long term health you should provide a proper habitat to your reptile. It is one of the important reptile supplies. Habitats should be designed thinking about the comfort of the reptiles as well as it should be easy to maintain. The structure of the cage should meet the needs of the species. For example, if the reptile lives near water bodies then it should get the proper arrangements in the cage to reside in. If the reptile is of a type that lives on trees then you should make arrangements for trees in the cage so that they can move here and there easily.

Temperature and humidity

An important factor that you cannot avoid while thinking of basic reptile supplies is the temperature. Most of the reptiles are temperature dependent as their digestion; nutrition depends upon the temperature changes of the environment. If you want their housing then you should place device to mark the change in temperature. Fall or increment in temperature may result in illness of the reptiles. Along with this humidity is an important thing to mark as too much dry weather will make the skin of the reptiles dry and opposite can cause skin infections.

Nutrition requirements

You should have proper arrangement for feeding and living while arranging reptile supplies. These things should be considered importantly to make your reptile or pet happy and healthy. You may consider buying them at the most reliable reptile specialty store near you. All the above discussed points are the needs to be fulfilled while caging a reptile. The small variation in these adjustments may cause your pet to create difficulties for themselves. A proper and balanced nutrition will help them live under good condition and make them safe as it will increase the immunity.

Author bio: James is a reptile breeder who often shops for his reptiles at online reptile specialty store. Stores such as are affordable and at the same time provide the high quality supplies for the reptiles. You may check them out in case if you are planning to shop for your reptiles. 

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