People now days love having pet reptiles as their companions at their home. Snakes, lizards, crocodiles, etc are now tamed and can be a good pet to have. Keeping reptiles as a pet also requires that you feed them with the best quality food for keeping them healthy. If you need to buy the reptile supplies then you would need to do hard research for this purpose because there are not so many such stores which will provide you the collection of such supplies.



If you have snakes as a pet it has to be noted that frozen rodents are the better option for your snakes rather than giving live food. Many advantages are accompanied with the pre-killed rodents when compared to the live items. They are easier to purchase in bulk quantity, safe and most importantly, you can store for many months. Giving live rodents can be risky for a snake owner like you. They don’t want to be another animal’s dinner. They will battle if there is any option and may bite, claw and scratch. This will possibly harm your pet snake. But no such probabilities are found with frozen rodents for many reasons.



Buying frozen rodents in bulk quantity is a better option. If you buy prey for your snake at the local pet store, then you would get a very small supply which may only last for a week or two and you need to go back to the store. This won’t happen when you buy frozen rodents in bulk quantity over wholesale reptile supplies online. Moreover, a good amount of discount can be availed when you purchase in bulk quantity. Bulk pricing is very attractive when you purchase in big volumes, such as 100 at a time. You may also get free shipping to your home which will really elevate your savings.



If you buy frozen rodents in big quantities, then you can keep them for many months for a worthy meal and get a great escape from running out to the pet store every week. Frozen rodents are often vacuum packages so you can easily and conveniently keep in your freezer. Hence, you might have understood the benefits of using frozen rodents to feeding your snakes. This is better option to keep your snakes save and at the same time saving greatly in the price and avoid getting back to the pet store for more food.



When you need to buy reptile supplies in bulk, you can also look for saving options online. These may be coupons, vouchers and discounts that are available for online users. To avail these coupons one has to be inconstant search for the offers which are mostly published in the Sunday news papers, leaflets in the mailbox, magazines, lucky draw, TV shows and shops. This would lead to a larger amount of savings. To receive free coupons one can also write a small letter to the company to avail certain discounts on these supplies.



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