Looking for reptiles in the West Hills area? Well, just head east for a bit and come visit the Painted Reptile!


     Whether your setting up a terrarium for the first time, or you're making the perfect enclosure for you Savannah Monitor that you've owned for 4 years, we've got the supplies you need!


     Even if you're a total beginner, we'll help you find the right animal, and get the perfect set up to keep them in optimum condition. We've organized our stock of animals by levels of aggression and level of care needed. If you're an experienced keeper, we've got a wide variety of exotic and unique animals that are sure to pique your interest.


     Want to make sure your pet's enclosure is perfect? We've got all of the meters and gauges you need, to monitor humidity and temperature in both analog and digital formats. If you're not getting the right temperature or humidity levels, check out our huge selection of heating pads and lights, and our wide range of misters and sprayers!


    So come down to the Painted Reptile today and satisfy your reptile cravings!