Painted Reptile offers wholesale reptile supplies for quality products. Our reputation is the result of our unwavering commitment in providing our customers with quality and care at every operation level. We’re one of the largest breeders and suppliers of last true reptiles in Los Angeles. Painted Reptile is a provider of high-end captive bred reptiles, invertebrates, and wholesale reptile supplies.


Wholesale Painted Reptile

Advantages of Shopping with Us for Wholesale Reptile Supplies

The reptiles that we sell are healthy and strong as they’re well-taken care of to make them the best pets. We have steady supply of amphibians, geckos, lizards, snakes, invertebrates, and turtles or tortoises.

Our staff is highly trained and has great knowledge to provide you with the best service when you make an order.

We’ve been breeding different reptiles since our establishment. Our facility features state-of-the-art technology to help us produce superior pets. Our large team consists of highly-trained staff that constantly learns more to improve our breeding techniques.

Wholesale Reptile Supplies Healthy Animals

Healthy animals will make the best pet. Thus, the entire process that we practice here at Painted Reptile is extremely detailed in caring for newborn reptiles. We routinely, clean, feed, weigh and measure newborns. In this way, they get used to being handled and have a perfect trait of a captive bred.

Before we sell our reptiles, we’ll determine their size and weight. We ensure that they eat well and passed our vet checks before we’ll list them up for sale. We update our customers through email and social media about the exciting new animals that we’re selling.

Should You Take Care of Reptiles?

One of the reasons some people opt for reptiles as pets is that reptiles are quiet and calm. Thus, if you don’t want to have a pet that barks at night or causes commotion to your house, then reptiles can be a great choice.

Reptiles aren’t boring. As long as they’re kept in an ideal environment, they’ll behave naturally. When you handle them sufficiently, they can be fun and very affectionate.

Then again, you need to have the right equipment in your house to optimally take care of them. A reptile needs a good light source for the healthy growth of their skeletons. They also need light for their immune system and skin. They also need a high quality cage, substrate and lamp to keep them warm.

When you have all the kit in place, there’s no more additional cost that you need to endure, other than the food that you need to feed them.

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