As a reptile owner, you already know that your pets require special care beyond what most people may have to do with a dog, cat or bird. Reptiles have certain requirements in the atmosphere they live in to make it comfortable for them so that they can thrive. It is not always to recreate an atmosphere like this, depending on where you may live, so you may have to make adjustments and get special equipment that can help you to recreate these conditions. Here at the Painted Reptile, we offer the misters and sprayers for reptiles that you may need to help you make your pet comfortable.

Creating the Right Humidity Conditions

Since many of the reptiles people have for pets are exotic or tropical animals, they are accustomed to very particular conditions and need you to recreate these conditions so that they can be happy and thrive. Perhaps one of the most important of these conditions is the humidity that you can create for them. Many reptiles need to have a higher humidity rate in their tanks or cages. With the use of a misting system or sprayer, you can make the conditions in the cage or tank just how your pet needs it to be so that they can breathe well, function and thrive.

Choosing the Right System

You want to make sure that you get just the right misters or sprayers for reptiles that are going to meet your needs and your pet’s needs. At the Painted Reptile, we offer an array of different foggers, misting machines and spray bottles so you can find the perfect solution. Our easy and secure online ordering allows you to choose the item or items you want, place your order and have it shipped directly to you so that you can get all of your shopping done from the comfort of your home and have your items as quickly as you need it.

We Make it Easy for You

When you shop with us at the Painted Reptile, you can get the misters and sprayers for reptiles that you want for the right price. You can see our selection of items when you come to our website at, and you can place your order right away. If you ever have any questions about an item or what might be best for your reptile, you can feel free to give us a call at 818-697-5870, and we will be glad to assist you.