When you own a snake, turtle, tortoise or lizard of any kind, you want to make sure that you provide a home for your pet that is safe and comfortable for them. This goes beyond your own personal surroundings; you want the space they live in directly to be what is best for them. When it comes to reptile cages today, you are hit with any different options. There are cages of all sizes, from the very small to those that take up an entire room or need to be outside. Cages are made from many materials as well, so finding a cage that is best for your reptile might seem like a challenge. With all of the choices, you have in front of you, opting for PVC reptile cages may make the most sense.

Lighter for You

One of the real advantages of PVC for a cage is that the PVC is a much lighter material. Cages made of wood or glass tanks can be very cumbersome for you to move around, making it a problem for you when you are designing your space or need to move a cage for one reason or another. PVC is light enough where you can pick it up on your own and move it to a different location so you can get your tasks done.

Why PVC Reptile Cages Make the Best Sense

Easier to Clean

Any pet owner will tell you that something that is easier to clean is well worth the investment. PVC reptile cages are easier to clean than other materials you will find. You can disinfect your pet’s cage without trouble with cleaning solution and a sponge or towel and have it ready for them in no time at all. Wood cages and enclosures present the problems of bacteria and debris getting into the wood, causing the potential spread of mold and bacteria that can be harmful to your pet and you.

See Our Cage Selection

At the Painted Reptile, we offer a wide array of PVC reptile cages, including our own, custom-made Creature Condos that are ideal for all kinds of reptiles. If you would like to see our line of cages and order one for yourself, head over to our website at www.paintedreptile.com and take a look at what we have to offer. You can choose the cage you want and have it shipped directly to your door so that you can provide the best home for your pet.