Looking for reptiles or reptile supplies in the Winnetka area?


     Even if you're a total beginner, we'll help you find the right animal, and get the perfect set up to keep them in optimum condition. We've organized our stock of animals by levels of aggression and level of care needed. If you're an experienced keeper, we've got a wide variety of exotic and unique animals that are sure to pique your interest.


     To help with keeping conditions in your critters enclosure the best it can be. We've got thermometers, humidity gauges, lamps, bulbs, and timers to help you match your animals optimum temperature and humidity range. If your animal needs extra ambient moisture, we've got misters, spray bottles, and even automatic misters to keep the humidity perfect!


    We've got all of the top Name Brands that you know and love from Zoo Med, Repashy, Exo Terra, Flukers, and more! Whether you need bedding for your Tegu, or your bearded dragon, we have sand, coconut husk, cypress bark, sphagnum moss, mulch, as well as sand substitutes such as ground walnut shells.

So why not stop in at the Painted Reptile Today!