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CaribSea All Natural Reptile Calcium Substrate

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CaribSea All Natural Reptile Calcium Substrate

This substrate sand is dusted with calcium and is ideal for chameleons or any lizard, snake, or tortoise.
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Painted Reptile Notes:

CaribSea calcium substrate sand is ideal for true chameleons or any tortoise, snake, lizard, arachnid or insect that comes from an arid or semi arid environment. Made of aragonite, the most soluble form of calcium carbonate. Features 100 percent edible and easily digestible and naturally spherical grains that will not scratch valuable animals inside or out. Allowing reptiles to easily ingest necessary calcium for proper bone development. Contains strontium and magnesium while being free of silica and phosphates. Also contains naturally occurring strontium, which recent research indicates may increase bone density. There are no artificial dyes or chemicals.

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