Creature Condos

Creature Condos

Creature Condos - 4ft Pedestal

Creature Condos - 4ft Pedestal

Creature Condos


 Available in many sizes for all your reptile needs! See description for more info below!

  • Made of high density PVC
  • Available in three colors- Grenn, Black, White
  • Can Customize colors (Two colors maximuim 
  • Porous Plastic inside- Flame retardant gas bubbles in plastic which makes plastic self-extinguishing
  • Acrylic easy-viewing door
  • Combo Gauges included
  • Water Resistant
  • Sealed edges for heat and humidity retention and water dripping
  • Stain resistant plastic
  • Heavy Duty
  • Soft vinyl covered bolts
  • Dual purpose latches/ locks
  • One solid piece except for lips and sides
  • Able to "tower" with multiple cages and electrical units
  • Rubber "feet" to prevent sliding and unwanted movement.
  • Rear Ventilation
  • Availble in three air flows- (HIgh, Medium and Low)
  • Ventilation is beveled and smoothed to prevent nose rub. 
  • Cable cover included free for use with your own lights and heat pads
  • Painted Reptile L.E.D light bar included for extra charge
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Painted Reptile Notes:

This our our very own line of specialty reptile caging for sale! After many years of having multiple problems with the standard types of cages we used, we realized there is a need for better caging options! That's why we spent years creating our very own CREATURE CONDOS!

We pride ourselves in our sleek design and many unique caging characteristics that are LIKE NO OTHER ON THE MARKET!

Our cages are made from high density PVC, which is FLAME RETARDANT, WATER RESISTANT and WON'T WARP unlike many other styles of cages that use melamine. Porous Plastic inside makes the cage flame retardant due to gas bubbles in the plastic which makes the plastic SELF-EXTINGUISHING! The sealed edges are great for heat and humidity retention and water dripping!!  NO more fears of the house burning down or water from a spilled water bowl getting all over the carpet if you go on vacation!!

We have added our very own thermometer/hygrometer, which is pre-installed in the cage wall, so you can always monitor the temperature AND humidity inside the cage!!! We are currently the ONLY ones who make these specialty reptile thermometer/hygrometers in Fahrenheit!

Our reptile cage doors are made from clear acrylic, for easy viewing of your pet at all times! Soft vinyl covered bolts and dual purpose latches/ locks are pre-installed AT NO EXTRA CHARGE!

To keep good air-flow inside the cage, we have created rear ventilation, which is available in three air flows- (High, Medium and Low). Ventilation is beveled and smoothed to prevent nose rub!!!

The cages are stackable so you can create solid reptile cage "towers" or even an entire room lined with cages flow to ceiling!!!! The cages look amazing when stacked all together!!!

If you choose to buy our very own L.E.D Light Bars, made specifically for each cage size, you will be able to connect ALL the lights together to use JUST ONE PLUG!!!! Saves energy, space and money!!  And best of all, we have created our unique specialty caging design to include a cable insert, which HIDES ANY CABLE CORDS INSIDE THE CAGE so your animal will NEVER wrap itself around the cords, chew the cords, or pull on the cords for any reason! Your pet will never even know the cords are there!!!!

Rubber "feet" are included on the bottoms of each cage to prevent sliding and unwanted movement!

Got questions about our amazing line of Creature Condo Reptile Cages? Call Us now and we will help!!!

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