Painted Reptile Boarding Program Pricing

Are you getting ready to go out of town?!  Well, it doesn’t matter if it is a small vacation, long vacation or a short business trip, the Painted Reptile will watch your reptile, amphibian or insect while you are gone! With our new boarding program Painted Reptile will house, feed, clean and look after your loveable pet while you are gone.  We love Reptiles and we know you do to, which is why your pet is the most important thing to us a Painted Reptile when your they come to visit.  Be sure to look over our pricing and feel free to ask our staff any questions regarding the boarding program. 



Per Day


Per Week


Per Month


































Boarding program rules and requirements:

  • Fill out Painted Reptile’s Boarding application
  • Fill out Painted Reptile’s Boarding Release form
  • Copy of driver’s license of ID

Additional fees:

  • Customers will also be billed for all food necessary to feed your animal during the boarding duration. Which will be reflected in your invoice upon pick up.
  • Customers will also be billed for any necessary vet bills or extra costs during the boarding duration.
  • Customers will be billed DOUBLE for the animals being left behind passed the pick-up date.

Additional notes:

  • Customer’s will be allowed a grace period of (two weeks) to pick-up the animal after the pick-up date.  After that two-week period, all boarding animals and property will be surrendered to the Painted Reptile.
  • Painted Reptile reserves the right to sell, re-house or re-home any of the animals left behind for longer than two weeks passed the pick-up date.
  • If it makes your travels and trip easier, you can bring in your own cage and supplies during the duration of your animals boarding.


Do not hesitate to ask any questions!