TG-1 Infrared Temp Gun

TG-1 Infrared Temp Gun

TG-412L Infrared Temp Gun

TG-412L Infrared Temp Gun

Infrared Temperature Gun With Laser

Infrared Temperature Gun With Laser

TG-1 Infrared Temp Gun

This temperature control gun is a great choice to precisely measure the temperature of any terrarium.
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Painted Reptile Facts:

The TG-1 precisely measures reflected surface temperatures. It is our most affordable Temp Gun, yet it maintains the same great accuracy and durability of our more expensive units. The TG1 is a terrific and reliable Temp Gun at an amazingly affordable price! Wrist strap Included.

Range -27°F to +428°F (-33°C to +220°C)

Accuracy ±2°

Field of View (D:S Ratio) 1:1

Accuracy ± 1.8°

Modes Max/Min/Lock

Emissivity 0.95E

Battery CR2032

Battery Life 40 hours continuous use (auto off after 15 seconds)

Display LCD Dimensions 25 x 35 x 95mm

Weight 36 grams with battery

Warranty 1 Year

Just add some unique looking food and water bowls, then put in a little cage decor, and some of our beautiful hide spots, and your terrarium will be all set! If your animal needs extra heating or lighting, make sure you are using the appropriate materials.

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